Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Birgit Nilsson, Brunnhilde for All Times, Dead at 87

Opera legend Birgit Nilsson, the incomparable Brunnhilde, has died at 87 years old, the New York Times reports. Ms. Nilsson had a singing career that spanned 40 years. Although the soprano was well-known for her Turandot, it was Brunnhilde that she will be remembered for. My favorite scene from the "Ring" is Wotan's farewell to Brunnhilde, and Ms. Nilsson sang it with more emotion and strength than anyone else. In the book I Remember Too Much by D. McGovern and D. Winer, Ms. Nilsson recalls performing the scene:
"The most difficult thing is to sing with Wotan in his farewell... I closed me eyes so I wouldn't have tears in my eyes. That was very, very hard. The music there is so beautiful."

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