Friday, December 08, 2006

Firefly--The Game

First came the early death of a great series. Then came the movie which tied up most, if not all, of the loose ends. Now, Joss Whedon's outer-space western "Firefly" is being transformed into a massive, multiplayer online game on the Multiverse Network. Corey Bridges, Multiverse co-founder, said:
It's our hope that Firefly's passionate and dedicated community of fans will enjoy the chance to become part of the story as they develop and explore the worlds of Firefly.
Will I have to learn some Mandarin Chinese in order to play?

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Michael in New York said...

Hurrah! A posting from the popsurfing team. Pithy, concise, with a nice kicker. Well done. Now popsurfing never needs to sleep. Now get back to IT, damnit.