Thursday, January 17, 2008

Virgin Megastore At Union Square To Close?

Rolling Stone reports that a realtor has announced the Virgin Megastore Union Square outlet will be available in 2009. Good God, is it possible that Virgin too will be disappearing from NYC? Since they've shut their LA, Chicago and Salt Lake City stores, it sure seems likely. They'll have the Times Square outlet -- which is always jammed with tourists. But for all practical purposes, music stores are literally disappearing from Manhattan. Gee, maybe one reason the music industry is in a slump is because record labels laughed while Wal_Mart and Best Buy sold CDs at a loss, driving music chains out of business. Now those megastores are reducing the already paltry space they devoted to Top 40 CDs and switching to DVDs. I'm running out of stores in Manhattan where I can even think of going to browse for CDs. Sigh.


priv8pete said...

Why are music stores selling Certificates of Deposit? Perhaps that's why they're going out of business; how many CDs can you really expect to sell at a music store? Are their rates any good? If they can do better than 4.3% for 12 months maybe they can be competitive, but most people buy their CDs where they do their banking.

And why would you go to a store to look at mp3s? You can see and sample the songs online at dozens of sites. This whole "music store" concept just seems like a bad business move.

Michael in New York said...

you're in the wrong career...AND the wrong zip code. But you knew that already.

chestr said...

priv8pete has got it all wrong.
the cd is dying, it's called evolution.

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I think that another reason may be that a lot of music is on the web, for everyone to get it.