Saturday, October 21, 2006

My Name Is Earl/The Office Recap

Spoilers ahead if you didn't watch Thursday's episodes yet. I continue to find "Earl" a real delight: it's so genuinely NICE. And what other show could have ended with that kicker where Earl and his brother are seen dancing to "Mr. Roboto?" Goofy, silly, throw-away fun. And I'm FINALLY starting to groove to "The Office." The original BBC series is such a perfect gem, at first I couldn't watch the American version with any pleasure. But priv8pete turned me on to two particularly funny episodes -- both airing after the show found its own identity. And now I watch every week. The phone conversation between Jim and Pam was really touching and tender. But how long can they keep apart two people who clearly want to be together -- I mean, without driving us insane?

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