Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Queen/Grey Gardens

I missed the beginning of "Sansho The Bailiff" this afternoon by just a few minutes. But since it's supposed to be great, I didn't want to walk in late. I went to see "The Queen" instead. The story of the Queen and Tony Blair going back and forth during the week after Princess Diana died, it's basically a glorified TV movie. But Helen Mirren is exceptional, of course, and I was surprised by how moving I found the news footage of people mourning Diana's death. As for the musical "Grey Gardens," it's still in rehearsals but I will say that Christine Ebersole will certainly be nominated for the Tony Award. She's terrific. And if you haven't seen the oddly compelling documentary film "Grey Gardens," about the uber-eccentric relatives of Jackie O who live in a crumbling mansion, you should rent it. Super odd, but you'll find yourself quoting lines of dialogue weeks later.

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