Thursday, October 19, 2006

Does Music Still Matter?

Of course, but Jarvis Cocker of Pulp has a fun roundtable discussion with various artists about music. I loved this section towards the end where Antony Hegarty of the very arty Antony & The Johnsons has to make a confession to the question What was the first concert you ever went to:
Nick Cave: Deep Purple, when I was about 15. Deep Purple, Manfred Mann and Free; it was a triple bill in Melbourne.
Mary Margaret O'Hara: The Beatles, and then Bob Marley.
Paul Morley: T-Rex.
Nick Cave: You liar!
Paul Morley: T-Rex, Manchester Free Trade Hall. Twelve shillings.
Beth Orton: The first band I really remember was the Fall at the Norwich Gala House, when I was 12.
Antony Hegarty: I don't remember ... I'm too ashamed to admit it ... I can't ...
Everyone: Come on!
Antony Hegarty: It was Duran Duran.

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