Thursday, October 05, 2006

Evangelicals Hate "Gilmore Girls?"

A story in the NYT talks about the panic (or faked panic) among evangelical leaders over the loss of teenagers. Their source for this panic? A 10 year old poll that claims soon only 4% of teens will be "Bible-believing Christians." (Another poll-taker insists that today only 5% of teens are "Bible-believing Christians" right now and since this depends on how you define "Bible-believing Christians" it may well be true and indicative of nothing since it doesn't mean teens are flocking to worship Satan, just not necessarily embracing a far-right fundamentalist vision of Christianity. I find it equally impossible to take seriously a editor who insists that "lots" of teens tell her that in their high school if you're not Christian you're not cool and that there's tons of peer-pressure to be Christians. And why is all this on my blog? Because at a huge Acquire The Fire concert, teens listed the various temptations they were going to turn their backs on when devoting themselves to Jesus. Among the temptations? Harry Potter, Louis Vuitton, "my perfect teeth obsession," (get behind me, whitening strips!), "Gilmore Girls" and Ryan Seacrest. Ryan Seacrest? "American Idol" is an evil temptation? And the girls of Gilmore, characters on a show created specifically to re-create family hour? If you think those are evil, you better wrap yourself in bubble plastic and just wait for the Rapture, because then everything is evil.

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