Monday, October 16, 2006

If Not New York, Then London

If I had to leave New York, about the only other city I could imagine living in is London, which is even more expensive...except when it comes to the theater. In London, theater is much more accessible and quite a bit cheaper. Going to a play in London is like going to a movie in New York: if it's just opened or a critical smash, you have to do a little planning, but you WILL get in. I wish I were in London to see "Frost/Nixon" (which happily is coming to NYC) and the new "Evita." And now Harold Pinter is performing "Krapp's Last Tape," which garnered raves from Nicholas De Jongh. He's not alone in loving it. At all. The only time I've seen that brief but penetrating show was in London a number of years ago when John Hurt mesmerized everyone. The show plays with an old man listening to recordings he made as a young man many years earlier over a span of decades. I've wanted to record myself reading those young man's lines at the appropriate age so I could stun the world in my Seventies with my stage debut. Why no real actor hasn't done this yet is beyond me. It will only take 30 or 40 years to pay off.

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