Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Katie Couric Succeeds! Katie Couric Fails!

The evening news on the major networks is a marathon and change comes slowly. Like everyone predicted, Katie Couric sparked huge initial curiosity but now everyone has settled back into their usual patterns. So Couric being ranked third is not a sign of failure. Couric increasing her audience by six percent from a year ago (when Bob Schieffer was the anchor and increasing HIS audience from a year ago as well) is great, while ABC and NBC dropping by 4% is bad. The trends are good for her but it's a long haul. And full credit to Schieffer, who had CBS moving in the right direction. But why does CBS keep acting as if their op-eds from the famous and the obscure are some bold new tack? Local news used to let people mouth off like that for decades. And how sad that a father of one of the kids killed in Columbine says teaching evolution in schools leads to violence like the slaughter at Columbine and in the Amish community. That's right: blame science. Don't blame parents whose sons have an ARSENAL in their bedrooms but never notice. Don't blame the 150,000 deaths from guns in the US since 9-11 on the easy availability of guns and the refusal of the NRA to allow even the most basic of safety checks to make certain criminals aren't buying guns. Nope, blame it on science.

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