Monday, October 09, 2006

Keith Olbermann's Ratings Continue To Rise

Are people getting smarter or just waking up? Whatever the reason, Olbermann's intelligent but passionate cries of the heart are gaining him a sizable audience. But he's still half the size of Bill O'Reilly's ratings.


Anonymous said...

Actually, they don't continue to rise. He's had a few nights where his ratings spiked upwards but overall, he's exactly where he's always been, trailing behind O'Reilly, Zahn, and even Nancy Grace. The spin from MSNBC re his ratings has been so exaggerated that USA Today was forced to issue a correction last week after they had been quoted a number by the network, which, upon further investigation, proved to be false.

Michael in New York said...

Olbermann has miles to go before he catches up with anyone on FOX; you're right about that. But at the anemic MSNBC, he has increased his audience at least a little -- his ranking hasn't changed but he's not quite so far behind. This LA Times article does misleadingly focus on the ratings for one night only when in cable news you should be looking at ratings from at least quarter to quarter since things change so slowly. I admit I was happily putting the nicest face on it since I believe his "buzz" (now THAT's nebulous enough so you can't definitely say I'm wrong) is growing and his commentaries I thought have been particularly thoughtful, intelligent and compelling. I'll keep my eyes out for definitive numbers about where they all stand and post them when available.