Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lincoln Center Filled With Professionals

I don't want to make light of an actor collapsing on stage. That's what happened to Richard Easton during a performance of Tom Stoppard's "The Coast Of Utopia." He's a very good actor I've seen before. But I couldn't help giggling when the article described the actors turning to the well-heeled audience of Lincoln Center and asking if there was a doctor in the house. Are you kidding? Per the NYT, "About 20 people from the audience surged onto the stage to offer help." Thank God they didn't ask for a psychiatrist. The stage probably would have collapsed. God willing, he'll get better and be able to rejoin the show. If you're thinking of attending this three-part epic, I'd strongly recommend buying tickets towards the end of the run when all three are performed. It's much more satisfying seeing them all at once.

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Anonymous said...

Hee, I had the very same thought.