Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Magic Numbers -- Coming Soon

I'm super-excited about the new album by The Magic Numbers. Their debut was a sleeper hit for me (making my best of 2005 list) and then I saw them in concert. Anyone who waded through my hyperbolic rave for that show at Joe's Pub will know how gob-smacked I was. Their new album comes out in the UK on November 3 and I can't wait. This profile in the Times of London is very enjoyable, with the writer insisting the new CD is better in every way on the original. The only depressing detail is that they recorded the album in upstate New York. We could have hung out! Here's the band on their image as a Mommas and Poppas summery band.
“The thing that confuses me,” adds Romeo, “is people’s perception of the Magic Numbers as this happy, smiley summer band. But to me, our songs marry two emotions. Melodically, we have fun with the arrangements, and it’s harmony-led, but some of the lyrics are quite painful.”

“The songs might be really catchy and melodic,” adds Michele, “but the words are sometimes horribly depressing.” Her older brother nods, evidently interpreting this in the way it was intended: as a compliment.

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