Friday, October 13, 2006

Mel Gibson Leak Probe

Taking a page out of President Bush's gameplan, there's a criminal investigation into the leak of Mel Gibson's arrest record to the media. Of course, that leak revealed a coverup by the police department, which lied to the public and claimed the arrest was without incident and tried to hide the paperwork in a locked safe. But rather than investigating this coverup and the abuse of police power to protect the wealthy and famous, they are now trying to attack the person who revealed this abuse. Suspect #1 is apparently the deputy that was abused by Gibson and dealt with his vile, anti-Semitic remarks and threats to ruin his career with calm and professionalism. Doesn't he know he should both suffer Gibson's rants AND the coverup of Gibson's behavior and just be glad he can keep his job? Some Jews never learn.

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