Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Netflix Wants To Get Better

They're offering a prize to engineers and software makers who can figure out a better way to recommend movies to their users. Having just jumped onto Netflix (so friends could see my ratings), I've got a few general suggestions. Let people rate movies anywhere and everywhere they're listed. When you look up a friend and see movies they've just watched, you can't rate any that you see without going through a multi-step process. Also, when you're scrolling through the website, you keep "stumbling" onto new titles. Oh, I can look at movies by decade? There's a bunch of new movies listed I hadn't seen before. How about a master list of movies for every category (movies, TV, action, etc.) that includes every single title they have? Most people won't want to use that, but the hardcore users who want to rate every movie they've seen would love it. The information is there. Why make it hard for us to find?

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