Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Utah's Favorite Poet

Coming home from the Yankee game last night, I got trapped in subway hell when the 7 train sat in a tunnel for half an hour then turned around and headed back to Grand Central. That meant transferring to the E train. A dad with two kids pleaded for help since they were from Utah and hadn't a clue, so I let them follow me and guided them as best I could towards their destination. When the dad found out I was a writer, he immediately mentioned the poet Leslie Norris, whom I'd never heard of. It's unclear to me now whether Norris is a friend or just the only writer that people from Utah can sort of claim as their own (though his Welsh) or simply the only one they'd heard about. In any case, this sweet portrait of Norris has certainly intrigued me enough to want to check him out.

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