Friday, October 13, 2006

Box Office Preview

"Marie Antoinette" opens today. I'm surprised it's getting such positive reviews -- personally, I found it a trifle, with almost no one in the cast making an impression (I dare most people without production notes to name them) outside of Marie (a fine Kirsten Dunst), the king and his grandfather (Rip Torn). On the other hand, I'm not a big fan of Coppola.

Also out is "Man of the Year," the Robin Williams comedy about a talk show host running for President. It's an odd duck of a movie, sort of a comedy, sort of a political thriller, sort of a romance (but NOT a satire; all of this could happen and it's not even remotely exaggerated in tone or style). But it's not bad and certainly Barry Levinson's best movie since "Wag The Dog," with Williams doing fine, reserved work even when riffing.

Box Office Prophets says "The Grudge 2" will be the big winner, but I've had my fill of horror flicks so you'll have to judge "Grudge" on your own.

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