Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"Gilmore Girls" Invaded By Pod People

Last night's "Gilmore Girls" was sort of okay and yet quite odd. I didn't quite put my finger on it until one problem was mentioned by other fans, but there is a serious dearth of witty pop cultural references. (The most notable one came from a new character who referred to some difficult college student director-wannabe by saying "Who does he think he is, Peter Brook?") And as still others have said, the Gilmore Girls have gone from funny, clever, self-sufficient women to gals who mope around worrying about their man troubles. Now obviously they wouldn't be very fulfilling, interesting characters if we didn't believe they could change and grow and find true love. But there's a difference between being in a healthy dynamic relationship and just being weepy. Lorelai seems increasingly weepy, afraid to be with Luke and equally afraid to be with Christopher. I would be very satisfied with this season's plot if I truly believed she and Luke were over and they were both moving on, but that's clearly not the case. And what's Rory doing with those two hanger-on chicks she met at an art show? They're similar to Paris's one-time posse and certainly not worthy of Rory. But suddenly she's got them back at her pad, seemingly she's drunk and blowing off Logan while one of them behaves like an idiot while making popcorn. Are these smart, interesting people we believe Rory would be friends with? No. Now with Milo Ventimiglia on the hit show "Heroes," there seems no chance he'll come back and give Rory the combative lovin' she needs. This show is just spinning its wheels until there's a double wedding on the last episode. With viewership down more than 20%, they should call it a day and let Amy Sherman-Palladino come back for the finale.

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