Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rod Stewart Tops Billboard With New Album

I was in Barnes & Noble while Rod Stewart's new collection of rock classics was playing and it's even worse than his covers of standards. Why? Because Rod Stewart is SUPPOSED to know how to sing rock songs. The Faces are a classic band and his solo album "Every Picture Tells A Story" (buy it) is the reason people still talk about him after all these years. And now he's murdering rock classics. I even hate the title: Great American Rock Classics Of Our Time? As opposed to someone's else's time? Urgh. Now who do we root for on Halloween to top the charts? Meatloaf with a new "Bat" album or Barry Manilow? Which is scarier? The Top 10 per Billboard:

1. Rod Stewart -- Still The Same...Great American Rock Classics Of Our Time
2. Evanescence -- The Open Door
3. Lloyd Banks -- Rotten Apples
4. Jimmy Buffett -- Take The Weather With You
5. Tony Bennett -- Duets: An American Classic
6. The Killers -- Sam's Town
7. Justin Timberlake -- FutureSexy/LoveSounds
8. George Strait -- It Just Comes Natural
9. Hinder -- Extreme Behavior
10. Ludacris -- Release Therapy


sftom said...

I only would consider buying one album on that list. I would normally chalk that up to getting older but(I think) at least 4 of the artists listed are more than a decade older than me!!

Can we make requests? I would love to hear your take on which of the Academy release season movies are worthwhile?

Michael in New York said...

What fall movies do I think are worth checking out? I'll post on it tomorrow for the weekend. With the one-on-one customer service that an intimate blog like this encourages, requests are not only accepted but appreciated.

Michael in New York said...

Oh and I have five of the albums but I blame that on growing up in South Florida (Buffett), a respect for a long career (Bennett -- and it might be good) buying into hype (Killers, not such a huge fan of the last one but always feel the need to stay on top of the latest), apreciation for always solid work (Strait -- always at least good albums) and an appreciation for his talent (Justin, though still not the out and out classic he has in him)