Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Brittany Murphy Is A Drag

She's having a great year, thanks to "Happy Feet" and the January release of the very fine indie film "The Dead Girl." But Murphy kept me waiting around for HOURS both yesterday and all this morning and never called for a scheduled interview. I don't mind actors turning down interview requests but saying yes and then not calling is a complete waste of time and insulting. It's really thrown a wrench into my plans as I try to write about eight different stories and get out of town. It may seem silly, but when you're waiting for someone to call (even for hours), you can't really do anything else because you're trying to stay focused on them and the questions you want to ask. Aaargghhhh. I'm off to run errands before coming back to interview Corbin Bleu of "High School Musical" this afternoon and then off to see a movie starring Cedric The Entertainer.


altmike said...

I guess this isn't the appropriate time or place to point out that her "Faster Pussycat" dance track collaboration with Paul Oakenfold was one of the unexpected pop pleasures of the year for me. You certainly don't want to hear that right now. :)

Michael in New York said...

In doing research, I have to admit I listened to that track a bunch. Definitely fun. And her performance of Queen's "Somebody To Love" was pretty impressive in "Happy Feet." And "Dead Girl" is a good movie. Just don't ask me to hang with her.