Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Day TV Battle

On Christmas Day in the US, everyone goes out to the movies. On Christmas Day in the UK, eveyrone gathers around the telly. Every network throws in specials and holiday programming of their biggest hits in an attempt to claim the crown of top show of the day (much like artists battle to have the #1 single). This year, the winner is Dawn french of French & Saunders, who wins the biggest audience with a special episode of her sitcom "The Vicar of Dibley," a less satiric spin on "Father Ted." Other big winners included the perennial favorites "Eastenders" and 'Coronation Street" and what's becoming the annual tradition of a "Doctor Who" special. Yet another UK tradition is the "annual," a book filled with all sorts of puzzles and articles and games and stories, as far as I can tell, and "Doctor Who" delivered the most popular one this year. I see annual's referenced every once in a while in British literature and so on, but still have never spotted one or read them.

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