Monday, December 18, 2006

Evil Bunny Strikes Again

"Postcards From Buster" is back on the air. The evil bunny Buster -- who has been spreading his malicious gospel of tolerance and diversity and respect for other people and cultures -- was at the center of a maelstrom when a child with two mommys was briefly seen on camera without the appropriate denunciation. Now a new season has begun and Buster hasn't stopped proselytizing: he's visiting an Army post, taking kids across the border to Mexico to meet their pen pals (and future illegal immigrants, no doubt!), and even revisiting kids they met in the first season because their homes were destroyed by Katrina. Where's the HUAC when you need it? By the way, darned if I can find the article now, but according to gov't statistics reported (I think in USA Today) some 75% of children are raised in non-traditional families. A "traditional" family is when the biological mom and dad live together and raise the kids. I have three brothers and sisters with kids -- all of them are divorced, one is a single mom (with a great job and living in one of the ritziest zip codes in the country), one is remarried with her two kids joining her new husband and one is remarried with a blended family of his two kids and her kid all sharing a home. Mind you, all the kids also spend time with their other biological as well. So what's traditional anymore?

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priv8pete said...

Postcards from Buster sucks. And so does Arthur. I get pissed off when Bob the Builder ends on Sunday morning and Buster's lame reggae theme song comes on. I wish I could reach into the TV and punch Buster in the face. Though his college age bunny sister is kinda hot.