Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"Spring Awakening" Gets Big Box Office Boost

Variety reports that the box office for "Spring Awakening" jumped more than 60% this week. No surprise: it had rave reviews across the board, including a money review from the NYTimes. One thing that disturbs me are the ugly full page ads they're running in the Times. It doesn't give a sexy spotlight to the young cast and it completely fails to overwhelm you with the terrific reviews the show got. Where's the quote about its erotic jolt? And the million other terrific quotes. They use three quotes in huge type (and not all of them from the Bway run) as if there weren't 20 different publications they could quote. Those ads are doing the show a terrible disservice. One other show getting a huge uptick is "The Coast Of Utopia." They're astonished that audiences want to see all three plays and that the marathons are so popular. They shouldn't be. The same thing happened in the UK>

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Anonymous said...

huh. that's interesting. I actually liked the full page ads they took. The photo captured the energy of this production. They might have been selective, but those quotes they ran were extremely impressive (they had five in each ad and they ran different quotes over the course of one weekend). I guess they didn't want to overwhelm people with a lot of text which would detract from the image? Everyone who's on the fence, go buy your tickets now..this is going to be the sleeper hit of the season. It's amazing!