Saturday, December 30, 2006

Indiana Jones Script Is Ready

On Friday, George Lucas told the Associated Press that a script for the fourth Indiana Jones movie is finally done and that both he and Steven Spielberg have signed off on it. Harrison Ford of course is ready for one more go. Lucas says the film will come out in May 2008. This is the first time any of the principals involved have said the script is done and approved so maybe...maybe it's actually going to move forward. God willing, it will lose the wholesome family tone of "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" and just try to top the original, which obviously is one of the great adventure films of all time (and the first movie I ever saw twice in the theater in the same week).


altmike said...

I think the Indy franchise is ready for a new Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford was great, is great....and there are great roles out there for him. According to IMDB he is 64 years old. Nothing wrong with actors that age. In my opinion too old for Indiana Jones.

Michael in New York said...

Fair enough, though they made useful hay out of his aging in the last one. I think the interesting thing about this franchise is how very different all three films have been. The first was the ultimate Saturday matinee serial with one cliffhanger after another (and a great physical performance by Ford). The second was a satire of the genre, pushing stunts to such extremes (oout of the plane onto the mountainside, off the moountainside onto a rapids, over the falls and on and on) that they dared you to go along with it. The third was a family film. The fourth? Perhaps a fun look at an action hero as he ages and adjusts to life with aches and pains (some of which was already done in Last Crusade of course). Maybe this one will be the most adult in tone? Ford has been adrift for years now, unwilling to choose good material and play supporting roles or character parts or even a female lead not 20 years younger, so I hope this movie can bring back his mojo. Hey, if Connery wanted to keep playing Bond, I'd say Lazenby and Moore should have to wait, so as long as Ford wants Indy, it's his.