Monday, March 19, 2007

Roger Friedman Movie Deal In The Works?

I realy like Roger Friedman of and even worked with him briefly at New York Magazine. But I have to wonder if he's trying to make a movie deal at New Line Cinemas. I can't think of any other reason why he's bending over backwards for New Line Cinema when he writes about "The Last Mimzy." First of all, he says Chelsea Clinton came to a screening to "see what the hubbub was about." Uh, what hubbub? Over "The Last Mimzy?" I'd guess the movie's title has a recognition factor of about 1% and a want-to-see rating that's even lower. Then he describes it as "a great family film" and "terrific for kids" (which is usually code for "terrible for parents"). He dares to mention it in the same breath as "ET," one of the all-time greats. Then he says it "keeps kids interested but has nothing offensive. It's a relief." Talk about damning with faint praise. What he fails to say is that it was directed by the head of New Line. (That's the bozo who can't make nice with director Peter Jackson so he can make another $1 BILLION DOLLARS in profits by making "The Hobbit.") And that "The Last Mimzy" has one of the worst titles of all time. And now my caveat: I haven't seen "The Last Mimzy" and since I've mocked Friedman about it, I feel obligated to check it out. If it is in fact a good film, I will abase myself appropriately. But I'm pretty safe in saying "The Last Mimzy" is no "Bridge To Terabithia." One thing is clear: with quotes like that, Friedman will definitely be in the print ad. For his sake, I hope he's not the ONLY person quoted.


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Thanks. Now if only Jon Stewart agreed with you and took me away from all this.