Friday, March 16, 2007

Women Hot On Broadway

Michael Riedel of the NY Post gives the skinny on a raft of promising Broadway shows. The women are out-selling the men, with Vanessa Redgrave's "The Year Of Magical Thinking" selling like gangbusters and "Deuces" with Angela Lansbury" doing great. Much slower business for "Inherit The Wind," which seems deserved to me despite the presence of heavyweights Brian Dennehy and Christopher Plummer -- it just feels like a creaky, old-fashioned show more appropriate for a short-run at the Roundabout, despite being bizarrely timely in Kentucky and elsewhere. But the real puzzler is "Frost/Nixon," which has been moribund at the box office despite raves in the UK, a career-defining performance from Frank Langella and some preumsed mojo from "The Queen," which stars Michael Sheen (who plays Frost) and shares the same writer. Why people aren't snatching this up is beyond me, but they will as soon as the reviews come out.

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