Friday, December 01, 2006

Columbia Journalism Students Accused Of Cheating On Ethics Exam

Wow. They are DEFINITELY ready to become journalists. Actually, I once cheated in grade school on a makeup quiz...for RELIGION class. Oh, the withering look from my teacher when she caught me. But she actually believed my honest explanation -- that I was just interested in seeing if I could cheat. Except for the occasional hopeful glance at someone else's paper and once or twice helping other people with their tests, I never did again.


Ed Sikov said...

"that I was just interested in seeing if I could cheat."

I did that once, too - in 9th grade Biology. It was truly an experiment. I think I got caught, but only because my best friend mistook my whispered "potato" for "tomato." The question was "Name a tuber."

Michael in New York said...

Hilarious. I would have tried peeking into the soul of the person next to me for my religion exam, but I didn't know Woody Allen that well yet.