Monday, December 04, 2006

"Dreamgirls" Back On Broadway

The buzz surrounding "Dreamgirls" has Variety wondering if a Broadway revival isn't far behind. The show is certainly long overdue and a recent Philly revival got great reviews. In one extremely clever move, the studios behind the film offered to pay the licensing fee for any amateur school production in 2006. That led to more productions than in the past 5 years behind. And of courseit seeded people's interest in the musical in the most natural way possible: by seeing their kids perform in it. Newsweek has a fine chat with star Jennifer Hudson. But in the desire to stay ahead of the pack, their headline is annoying: her movie hasn't even opened yet and Newsweek is wondering "What Happens Next?" (Ie. can a big gal be a star?) Hey, let her enjoy this moment.

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