Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Eerie Stallone/"Rocky" Coincidence

Sylvester Stallone has donated props from the "Rocky" movies to the Smithsonian. In a bizarre coincidence, the ceremony announcing this took place just a few days before the December 20th opening of "Rocky Balboa," the latest installment in the franchise. Creepy. (In case you missed my comments, while the movie is far from good it does strive to recapture the gritty low-key honesty of the first film and is a far more dignified exit than Rock's IV and V.)


rockyfan23 said...

there is a new ROCK BALBOA trailer up at

Michael in New York said...

Good heavens. Could this be an example of studios seeding the web with movie-friendly comments? Rockyfan23 has only an empty blog and no profile. If it is a studio shill pushing the movie, I'm honored they visited my blog. Welcome! Now how about buying some ads?