Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"Heroes" -- The Verdict

So what did you think of last night's mid-season finale? (The show comes back January 22.) I found it great fun, as always, though I'm worried that the producer seems to be planning to string out this storyline beyond season one. Give us a big satisfying finale and then launch a new bad guy in season two. Otherwise, you're in danger of becoming like "Lost" and "Twin Peaks" where you have to tease everything endlessly or the series is over.


Biboy said...

I enjoyed it, but am unconvinced that Peter is the cause of teh explosion. Peter can't blow up because future Hiro doesn't recognize him "without his scar". Unless Peter only suffers a scar after turning into a nuclear explosion.

I was sorry to see Eden go. I was wondering what Sylar was waiting for. What great evil character.

Finally, the Claire's father reminds me of the father in Bob Balaban's 1989 "Parents". Wonderfully creepy, yet a perfect 50's dad.

Michael in New York said...

I think if we're lead to believe Peter is the cause of the explosion right now then he almost certainly ISN'T -- or not in any way we'd imagine. You must have been attracted to Eden. I thought she was fine but didn't stick with me. But just cause she's dead is no reason to think she might not be sticking around. And of course everyone shouold rent "Parents." It's the best...the most...I'd just have to say 'rent it,' and leave it at that.