Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The New Poster For The Academy Awards

Every year, I look forward to the poster revealed for the Cannes Film Festival. I don't recall ever paying attention to the poster created for the Oscars, but this year they've announced it and the poster is a solid one that focuses on classic movie quotes. Now if only the show itself would focus on the movies instead of dance numbers, celebrity banter and the umpteenth description of what a Sound Editor does.


Ed Sikov said...

Actually, I love the Oscar-cast every year. Always have, always will. All those parts everybody else thinks are boring - I love 'em. The banter? Hilarious! The dance numbers? Tastelessly wonderful! The whole thing is never, ever dull, contrary to received wisdom. If you love Hollywood, you love the Oscars. It's that simple.

Alex Lewin said...

Well said, Ed. But I hate this fucking poster. And when will somebody re-teach the world what apostrophes are and how they're used? I'm sick of inverted apostrophes (as in "Give 'Em the Old Razzle Dazzle"). I blame Microsoft Word's auto-correct feature. It's made EVERYONE DUMB.

Also -- I read something in the Times about all the quotes on the poster being identified on the poster, except one. Did I get that right?


Michael in New York said...

Ed, I would never miss the Oscar cast either and embrace it's awfulness completely -- never a dull moment and yes,the dancing number for the song from Crash was a "highlight." But unless you prefer camp to class, I could definitely improve the show markedly. There would still be plenty of political-spouting celebs and other miscues to keep you happy. I missed that story Alex. You mean one of the quotes is a ringer and not really from a movie?