Monday, December 04, 2006

UK Music Charts -- Take That!

Boy band Take That is having a triumphant reunion -- this week they have the #1 single with "Patience" and the #1 album with "beautiful World." Now Robbie Williams is a huge solo star in Europe and he didn't NEED a Take That reunion like the other lads -- indeed, clashging egos might have made it impossible. But maybe if he'd been more gracious and joined in, he could have been seen as magnanimous. Instead, his new flop album gets a slight boost from Take That, reentering the charts at #25. Not much else to say this week, though I will point out that my favorite new band name is Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, which has a so-so single called "War of the Worlds" at #39. (By the way, I love the Internet -- I see a name that intrigues me and in less than a minute I can watch his latest video, listen to his songs on MySpace etc.) And the album charts are messed up -- the albums at #3-5 are not debuts; they came out last week and are now topped by Take That and Il Divo. Ditto that Welsch group the Fron male Voice Choir, which moves into the Top 10 (it debuted at #13 last week).

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