Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Final Lemony Snicket Out October 10

Rarely have I been as jealous of someone as I am of the creator of Lemony Snicket and A Series Of Unfortunate Events, a very clever series of books -- smartly packaged and promoted -- that spun on one very clever idea of being about three orphans to whom every calamity imaginable happens. The best part of the books are their wordplay and the constant insistence that you really would be better off not to read them at all, since they're so very unpleasant. Midway through the 13 book series, they did get rather formulaic and repetitive, but still all in all a very witty group of books. Oh if ONLY I'd thought of it. The final book comes out October 10, along with a "soundtrack" tie-in from Stephen Merritt, with song titles like "Smile! No ONe Cares How You Feel" and "The World Is A Very Scary Place." Great fun.

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