Monday, September 18, 2006

Hollywood Asks Hate Group Focus On The Family For Movie Advice

The LA Times reports that Hollywood studios regularly reach out to the hate group Focus on the Family to promote their films. Groups like Focus on the Family -- condemned as a hate group by the non-partisan, nationally recognized Southern Poverty Law Center -- get to see early scripts and final cuts, suggesting everything from changing "Oh my God" to "Oh my gosh" and encouraged to promote the movies to their consituents. The Dove Foundation is also prominently mentioned in this article. Unlike Focus on the Family, they seem much more focused on simply highlighting movies they approve of as opposed to Focus on the Family's efforts to promote hate. But having Laura Schlesinger as a board member does give one pause. Hollywood should definitely be encouraged to make all types of movies -- including family films. But what does a hate group like Focus on the Family have to do with family values?

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