Monday, September 18, 2006

My Delroy Lindo Profile

Here's a profile of Lindo pegged to his new NBC series "Kidnapped." Can you spot the fact error?


Anonymous said...

Michael: Is it the reference to I, Claudius? You say 1978, but it aired on PBS in November 1977 and on BBC-2 the year before in 1976.

Do I win a prize?

Mark from Ottawa

Michael in New York said...

If only there were prizes for being right! Sadly, the only prizes in this life are for being BORN right. Well, should I assume my tattered copy of The Encyclopedia of Television by Les brown is wrong. It says 1978 for the miniseries. The Emmy book says it was nominated for the 1977-1978 season (which doesn't clear things up, does it?). Wikipedia doesn't list a date. Where did you get Nov of '77 from? I haven't gone onto my DVDs to see if that info is buried there. Where did you get it? You're so specific, I assume you're right. A history of Masterpiece Theater? My unfair challenge was to spot misinformation rather than an actual error. The article stated that Delroy Lindo's movie Wondrous Oblivion had been released in July. Technically accurate (it had been seen in DC commercially as well as in numerous festivals) but misleading since it was being theatrically released in NYC on Nov 3.

Anonymous said...

Michael: My source was the Museum of Broadcast Communications web site. Here's what they say:

I, Claudius, a 13-episode serial produced by BBC/London Film Productions and first aired on BBC-2 in 1976, made its American debut on the Public Broadcasting Service in November 1977 as an installment of Masterpiece Theatre, sponsored by Mobil Corporation.

For more:

But you are right. In my brief search I saw 1976, 1977 and 1978.


Michael in New York said...

Thanks for the info. I tried to search on the site but found it pretty unhelpful. But I'll give it another shot down the road.