Monday, September 18, 2006

Megan Mullally On Her New Show

I'm looking forward to her new talk show. We need more Merv Griffin/Mike Douglas type talk shows in this world. You can't have too much niceness, can you? But she says two odd things. First, she thought becoming a talk show host was an exotic, almost unattainable feat, when in fact it's the birthright of almost every American. Second, she says this:
She likens the sensation of appearing as herself to an out-of-body experience where she can keep tabs on herself to keep it real. It starts even before she goes on camera.

"I lock myself in my dressing room and just look at my knee, or a spot on the wall," she confides. "You have to get out of everything for a minute, and just be an organism functioning on the globe. Otherwise, you're this entertainment robot in a dog-and-pony show and you don't have anything to offer of yourself."

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