Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"The Jersey Boys" Keeps Breaking Records On Broadway

My gosh, how do they do it? Well, the show is a huge smash of course. But I discovered the real reason they can keep setting records for months at a time: they keep raising prices. Every Broadway show now offers "premium" tickets that cost an arm and a leg. (Their reasoning? Heck, the scalpers do it so why shouldn't we?) "The Producers" had a premium ticket for almost $500 during the mania surrounding Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane. But "Jersey Boys" has no stars like that, so it's taken it to a new level. I was stunned to see the list of prices at the box office. Decent seats are $111.25. Premium tickets start at $250 for matinees, then $300 for weeknight shows and then $350 for Friday and Saturday nights. Unbelievable.

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