Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Is Priv8Pete Right About Baseball?

A day after arguing with Priv8Pete about the baseball postseason, an almost identical plan to the one he outlines is in the NY Post: it calls for two wild card entries who have to face off against each other before meeting the team with the best record in their league. It all makes sense, I'll admit, except for the underlying annoyance of still MORE games being added to the schedule. Harumph, he may have a point about all the positives, though.

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priv8pete said...

Nice. We're getting some traction. However, I think it should be a one game playoff the day after the season ends. That would be just as arbitrary and provide incentive to win the first Wild Card spot and host the game. Plus, who wouldn't watch two "win or go home" games on that Monday? I don't even like basketball but I watch every minute of March Madness. Make this happen Michael!