Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"24: The Movie" Is Dead

Thank goodness. USA Today reports that the creators of "24" have come to their senses. The plans to make a feature film in between this season and next have been junked. Instead, they'll wait till the series has ended, give the show a break of a year or two and THEN make the feature film, which is exactly what I've been calling for all along. Don't mess with the show. Happily, they got the message.


Jimmy said...

Why make a movie at all? Can they really duplicate the "24 experience" in a 2-hour movie; even 2-and-a-half hours?

Michael in New York said...

You're right, of course. The movie undermines the whole working premise of the series. Their idea is to condense on day of action into a 2 hour movie -- but of course tons of movies have done that already (not to mention almost all of Greek tragedy). But they think Jack Bauer is an action hero who can translate onto the big screen even without the show's basic conceit. And they may be right. But what was definitely wrong was the overkill of trying to do the movie AND the TV show at the same time. That would have ruined both of them. I don't see the point of doing the TV show until its fading and THEn trying to launch a movie but it's better than ruining the series franchise as well. If they really wanted to do a movie they should end the series, take two years off and then do a movie. If they do three more seasons of the show, a movie seems pretty redundant. And as you say, it turns Jack bauer into just an action hero and has nothing to do with the entire premise of the show and what makes it special and unique.