Monday, December 04, 2006

Weekend Box Office -- "Bobby" Fading

The Oscar hopes of Emilio Estevez and his new movie "Bobby" are hurt a bit by the film's weak showing at the box office. It fell almost 60% and had a very poor per screen average of $1,200. It's gonna need Golden Globe nominations -- stat -- to rescue it. "The Nativity" bowed weakly at $8 mil, but church sales through the holidays should give it a chance to build word of mouth. (Besides, it only cost $35 million to make.) "The Fountain," "Turistas," "Tenacious D," and "Van Wilder 2" are all flops. And I was very wrong about Bond. My dim hope it might hit #1 this week didn't pan out -- though it was closer than many predicted. And "Casino Royale" is doing gangbuster business worldwide. It's already grossed over $300 million and looks set to become the top-grossing Bond worldwide of all time with $500 million a distinct possibility. I thought $300 mil was a reasonable goal for a movie with a weak villain and a talky second half. The Top 10 movies per Box Office Prophets:

1. Happy Feet -- $17.1 million ($121 million total)
2. Casino Royale -- $15.1 mil ($115.9 mil total)
3. Deja Vu -- $11 mil ($44.1 mil total)
4. The Nativity Story -- $8 mil
5. Deck The Halls -- $6.7 mil ($25 mil total)
6. The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause -- $5 mil ($73.2 mil total)
7. Borat -- $4.8 mil ($116.3 mil total)
8. Turistas -- $3.5 mil
9. Stranger Than Fiction -- $3.4 mil ($37 mil total)
10. National Lampoon's Van Wilder: The Rise Of Taj -- $2.3 mil

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