Thursday, March 23, 2006

Chef Wants To Make Sweet Love To Boys?

South Park paid a typically loving tribute to Chef in its new season premiere. They joked Chef was brainwashed into being a paedophile by the "Super Adventure Club" and the kids took Chef to a strip club to "cure" him. It didn't quite take and ultimately Chef was stabbed, burned and mauled by wild animals. That reminds us that the main reason South Park remains so fresh is its super-cheap animation: they do the show on computers in about a week, letting Trey and Matt riff on whatever's in the news. Most animated shows take six months or longer to be made. Interestingly, reporter Roger Friendman suggests the ill Isaac Hayes -- who left the show after it mocked his religion Scientology -- may have had nothing to do with his break from the show. Until we hear from Hayes directly, we won't know. And of course, South Park has a history of killing off and then reviving characters, so there's no reason a little thing like paedophilia should stop a reconciliation.

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