Monday, March 20, 2006

Death To The Templars!

I'm still angry that the NYTimes bestseller list is a lie -- instead of listing the best-selling books in the country, they arbitrarily eliminated children's books during the height of the Harry Potter craze. Countless books like Oh The Places You'll Go and Where The Sidewalk Ends and numerous others from the past might never have crossed over. Certainly newer books like the fantasy trilogy of Philip Pullman have been cheated out of a much wider audience. And it's so arbitrary. Why not eliminate all the Da Vinci Code books clogging up the charts instead? The current NYT bestseller list includes The Da Vince Code (155 weeks and counting) at #3, The Templar Legacy at #6, The Last Templar at #7 and Labyrinth at #12 (it delves into the Holy Grail). Thank God for old school pro Jeffrey Archer, out of jail and spinning a non-Templar related story of art thieves and a Van Gogh in False Impression, debuting at #8.

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