Thursday, March 30, 2006

Merchant-Ivory -- Just Good Friends?

A BBC story on the release of the last film made by the legendary team of Ismail Merchant and James Ivory. They'd been discretely out as a couple in the media during their career, though the pair had split up personally in the last years of Merchant's life. So how sad that it refers to Ivory talking about his "late colleague." Is that how you refer to your ex-wife or ex-husband? They were together for decades and remained close professionally after that. Making it sound as if they were nothing more than business partners is depressing.


Anonymous said...

Michael: You are so right about how sad it is to have relationships concealed. This week in Canada when one of hostages in Iraq was released and it was revealed that he was gay and has been in a long-term commitment for years it was heart-breaking that his sig. other had to remain in silence behind the scenes for months. Of course under the law there if it had been discovered he was gay, his treatment could have been worse or, quite simply, he would have been killed. So far yet to go

Ed Sikov said...

"late colleague." Is that how you refer to your ex-wife or ex-husband?

Actually, most people in this country would probably refer to their ex-wife or husband as "that fat pig," "that bitch," or "that asshole," so maybe we should be grateful he called him just a colleague.