Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Made In China

Someone promoting a DVD sent me an electronic keyboard -- the YongMei Electronic Keyboard, to be exact. It was made in China, just like 90% of the items in your home. (Go check the labels if you don't believe me. I'll wait.) Unfortunately, every single note sounds like an annoying door buzzer rather than a melodious tune and darned if I can get the karaoke function to work. But what I'll never understand is why these companies don't pay some freelancer who is actually fluent in English to check their packaging before sending it out. Here are some delightful excerpts from the instructions and description:

"Set FUNCTION to PLAY position if you want to performance."

"Seesaw two buttons of voices and you will have 4 kinds of satisfactory voices."

"Insert microphone into the karaoke socket and you can enjoying self-playing and self-singing." [I do quite enjoy self-playing, I must admit.]

"Wish the electronic organ to bring your family much happiness!"

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