Monday, May 08, 2006

"7th Heaven" Passes On

Still the WB's biggest hit, "7th Heaven" says goodbye tonight. Given the large cast and how much more money you have to pay actors in a long-running hit, it only makes financial sense for the show to end now. But when the WB and UPN combine and suddenly realize their schedule is a lot weaker than they imagined, they'll miss the fail-safe programming of this show on Monday's at 8 p.m. What astonishes me to no end is that its creator Brenda Hampton says every network on the air -- including the WB -- has turned down every family friendly show she's pitched since "7th Heaven" became an almost instant hit ten years ago. If the creator behind the longest-running family drama in TV history can't get a pilot placed anywhere, that just proves how narrow-minded and stupid network executives truly are. So I'm not surprised "7th Heaven" is ending;, I'm just shocked no one has tried to secure Hampton's talents for her next hit.

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