Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Overnight TV Ratings -- "Veronica Mars" A Mystery

No viewer totals today, but "American Idol" and "House" easily won the night, with CBS a distant second with its older-skewing combo of "NCIS" and two episodes of "The Unit." "Gilmore Girls" ended the season on a solid note. That ABC bird flu TV movie was a bust. And NBC only kept the lights on thanks to "Law & Order: SVU." But the critically acclaimed "Veronica Mars" was a distant fifth in its timeslot. CW -- the new network that combines the WB and UPN -- will be hard pressed to make the case for bringing this show back. But some savvy cable channel -- always the holy grail for fans of a beloved series that is getting the ax from a network -- really would be smart to pick it up. How about Lifetime, since the show skews female? How about A&E for its mystery angle? How about MTV, because young people love it? And they probably couldn't afford it, but the N (home of "De Grassi" and a slew of cookie cutter teen soaps) would be wise to give it a home.

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