Thursday, May 04, 2006

"American Idol" Paris Press Conference

Sat in on the weekly press conference call with the "Idol" booted off. Some highlights:

Paris is definitely ready to record an album. Simon Cowell's label has the right of first refusal of course, but usually only uses the top two people. When she's done touring with the Idols, she'll go right back out on the road to tour again. Any hopes that Paris would go back to school and maybe gig with a jazz band and put in the work for the next five or ten years before rushing out an album...well, no luck.

Paris is done with school. She said she'd be willing to go to an online college. They certainly exist but since that is the highest she's willing to shoot, clearly school is not a priority. Paris wants to sing.

Paris won't pick the person she thinks is likely to win. (None of the people booted off do.) But she says confusingly that, "Whoever wins, I'm rooting for them."

Paris won't confirm that Beyonce's dad approached her about recording music. "It can't be confirmed" but she would love to work with Matthew Beyonce and looks forward to it. I'll take that as a yes.

Paris believes in a number of things: lots of vitamins, confidence in yourself and prayer.

Paris confirms that the Idols have a Last Supper every Wednesday night where they all go out together after the show.

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