Wednesday, May 03, 2006

TV Shows Come To The Web (Again)

Microsoft wisely partners with a major TV producer (the guy behind the US version of "The Office") to reenter the fray and produce original programming for the web. There are onlyu a limited pool of talented writers, so sometimes the flurry of sitcoms and dramas on cable TV just means diluted product all around. But just as cable provides freedoms the networks can't (resulting in everything from "Deadwood" to "South Park") online websites can free people from half hour formats to just produce programming of any length they want. People are already used to watching TV shows online, as well as highlights from "SNL" and the cable news programs. And now viewership is potentially much wider since broadband is more omnipresent. All Microsoft needs is one web hit to drive people to their website regularly and the shows will have proved worhtwhile

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