Friday, May 05, 2006

Weekly World News

Biboy and his son buy the Weekly World News every week -- the kid loves how crazily imaginative the fake stories are and his dad likes how WWN unintentionally teaches critical thinking. Now they've got me addicted to checking out at least the headlines. But since my brother is resting from his surgery, I bought a clutch of magazines -- everything from Tiger Beat (which boasts it has a "slupr-a-licious poster of "High School Musical's" Zac Efron) to Maxim -- to keep him amused. He immediately went for WWN because naturally he wanted to find out the skinnny on the cover story: TITANIC REAPPEARS -- IT NEVER SANK. (Apparently, it's been bobbing up and down from the seabed to the surface off the coast of Newfoundland.) But I couldn't help giggling over this report from "The International Journal of Occupational Singularities" which declared: RESEARCH FINDS MORE THAN 100 BUSINESSES THAT ARE LIKE SHOW BUSINESS.

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