Thursday, May 04, 2006

Did "Lost" Off Two Stars For Drunk Driving?

The producers say no and even tried a preemptive strike against what they assured were inaccurate assumptions. A few thoughts. Did they rip up the storyline of such a complicated series and write out to characters simply because they disapproved of drunk driving? No, of course not. But Michelle Rodriguez has been the target of intense criticism since her character was introduced. (In perhaps the weakest flashback of all, she was a cop who refused to testify against a criminal that assaulted her and then turned around and murdered him in cold blood when he was released. Her mom, of course, was the chief of police.) And Hurley's girlfriend (who may not even be dead) was pretty damn weak as an actress too. Both of them had separate drunk driving arrests on the same night. Poorly fleshed out characters that the fans hated and actresses that were more troouble than they were worth. In TV Guide this week, Rodriguez's lawyer says she took the brief jail time over community service so she could get right back to work -- which hardly makes sense when her work was over. And in the CNN story, the producers don't simply say this was the storyline they were following all along. They say that when Rodriguez came on board she told them she was a "free spirit." That implies it was her decision to leave a hit series she'd just joined. And that doesn't wash at all.


Xtine said...

many people are saying Libby is not dead. i sort of believe that because we have been fed some back story on Libby that would probably make for a good story line down the road.

as far as killing them off because of bad behavior, most likely these scripts were written before the DWI's.

But it did work for publicity right?

Michael in New York said...

I agree that Libby might still be alive, given the pillow she was holding (behind it was a steel plate or something?). And certainly the broad brush strokes of the storyline have been worked out for the season. However, they were arrested on Dec 2 of last year, some five months ago -- and that's long before this week's episode was written and locked in -- shows like this are usually just a few weeks ahead of airdate, especially towards the end of the season. So it's very feasible they just decided the actresses were more trouble than they were worth both creatively and professionally and their DWIs influenced that.