Thursday, May 11, 2006

Surfing Thru "American Idol"

Okay, who was more shocked: Chris or Katharine? I'd say Katharine by a nose. All during the show, whenever you got a glimpse of Katharine in a candid moment, she looked miserable. Katharine was stoic and sad because she knew perfectly well she was going home. And then Chris got the boot. (Paula's shocked dismay almost made it worthwhile.) Popsurfer Joe argues that Chris perhaps didn't even want to win "idol," since he's a rocker and that wouldn't be cool and he's already received enough recognition to ensure a record deal. He sure didn't look happy last night. Thank goodness he was honest enough to say he was shocked and not make some bland pronouncement about how talented everyone else was. I think the only thing less cool than a rocker going on "Idol" is a rocker who goes on "Idol" and then fails to blow away the pop kiddies. Presumably this means Taylor will be our next "American Idol." I'd be happy to have his band peform at my wedding and he seems like a nice guy. But I wouldn't buy his album. Would you?

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Anonymous said...

What do you expect from the people who voted George Bush in and Kellie Pickler out?

Michael's Brother